Looking for a upgrade on a HP Pavilion P6-2055a

I am looking of adding a PSU and a Graphics Card. If you got another better ideas or better value cards. Can you let me know below?

This my computer :

Here they are listed below:

MSI Radeon HD7870 2Gb OC :

Corsair VS Series™ VS650 — 650 Watt Power Supply :

Also, I would like if you used JW or pccasegear as i am in Australia and places like Newegg don't ship to Australia.

Thankyou, Emo4lif
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    i think i helped you with this issue before lol, like the length of the card if they would fit or not (which it did i had you use a tape measure :p) and yes everything should work i just double checked with your mobo and the psu. for the websites i've heard of pccasegear plenty of times for people buying down there, as for jw, haven't heard from them much.
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