three cards what kind of psu would i need

couple questions.

first whats the ratio sorta speak of power ya get from going from 2cards to three graphics cards I know ya loose some.

next what kind of PSU would I need for say 3 7870's? how many watts

third is do you see the energy draw of graphics cards going up much in say the next 5yrs?

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  1. If anything GPUs will consume less power than before.

    For one 7870 I'd have at least 500W, for a second 700W, for a third 850W.

    Here is a handy dandy calculator
  2. +1 I pretty much agree with the above post.
    Radeon HD 7870 - On your average system the cards require you to have a 550 Watt power supply unit as minimum and 700 Watt if you go with two cards in Crossfire mode.

    If you are going to overclock the GPU or processor, then i do recommend you purchase something with some more stamina.Just remember as much as the power (Watts) requirement matters, the current requirement, measured in Amps is as important if not even more important. This is especially true if you have an or several dedicated video card(s). As a general rule of thumb, you are aiming for the highest number on the 12V line.
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