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so my computer came with a 2tb hard-drive that won't accept windows vista. i was thinking about getting a SSD and putting my operating system of choice on it. if i do install windows vista on the SSD, but keep all my other files and programs on the 2tb hardrive? will this work?
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    If you mean keep your apps on the old drive without reinstallling them, it won't work. If you mean SSD with OS/Drivers/System Utils and another drive with applications - re-installed - and data, this will work.

    Actually this is a good way to separate the disk function for added performance. Putting the OS on its own SSD is a good idea because you have frequently accessed OS info available quickly. Anything you do relies on information from the OS. It makes sense to make this information the most quickly accessible info in your system. Using an SSD helps facilitate this quick access.

    This makes it really easy to backup/replace/upgrade your OS drive when necessary as well. This is similar to what I do in my system.

    I would suggest you get Windows 7 64-bit for your OS.
  2. thanks! i just watched a video, and it said windows 7 has TRIM which sounds super useful on the ssd
    i already purchased vista though, i run it on my old computer and i simply like it better
    currently, windows 8 came pre-installed on this 2tb hard-drive i'm using on This computer and long story short it is a thorn in my side :]
  3. Ha. Windows 8 causes me pain in some way on a weekly basis.
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