I7-3770k stock voltage at 1.24-1.28

I read this way too high so I set it in dz77re-75k intel bios to stay at 1.2w for the cpu

i dont overclock just stock and few turbo tweaks for gaming

whats the ideal voltage for me or should i just set it back to default? my processor temps are 40-50 celcius while gaming, which is all i do. thank you

intel i73770k 3.9ghz hyper212evo
intel dz77re-75k mobo
intel patriot 16gb ram
evga nvidia gtx 680 2gb
coolermaster gx 750w bronze
120gb ssd
1tb hd
coolermaster haf932 advanced 4x fan blue led

razer lycosa, cyborg rat 7, sennheiser pc363d
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  1. 1.2 - 1.25 is normal for a stock clocked CPU, your settings are fine, if you are not going to overclock, leave everything in the BIOS on auto and you can still retain a warranty. 40-50C is totally acceptable.
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