how to remove windows 7 log in password

hi everyone
I have been trying to remove my windows 7 log in password. But every time I try to remove my password from control panel, a popup window appears saying that
"Windows can not remove the password. Password and/or account policies require the account to have a password."
Could you help me out there? The account I have been running is administrator account.
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    The administrator account must have a password. Even if it were possible it is a bad idea to have a no password admin account.

    Create a new standard user, and use that for your day to day operations. That acct can be password free.
    It is generally a bad idea to use the administrator account for general day to day purposes.
  2. To remove Windows 7 password, you can make use of a recovery tool called SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. You can Google search it or visit
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