High Ping Outside Peak Times?

I'm getting very high pings outside of peak times, I have no idea why. But up untill about 5PM, my ping will remain between 300ms and 500ms.

P.s. I'm Wired to a Netgear Router.
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  1. Who is your ISP? I use Time Warner Cable - and their DNS servers are terrible. I moved to Google DNS/OpenDNS servers, and ping times/page loads improved dramatically.

    Google "Google DNS" and/or "OpenDNS" - they have great instructions on how to install.
  2. My current ISP is Orange.

    Edit: Tested this 'Google DNS' thing, seems to have lowered my ping, but that could be due to it being almost 5PM. I'll report tommorrow if it has been solved/ or another failure. :D
  3. I have had major issues with Time Warner Cable. Their ping times stink, they throttle my speed for bandwidth use over a "cap", they use compression to achieve their "30MB download" rates....I could go on and on....I am overly excited that Austin, TX was chosen for Google Fiber....the question becomes - can I be the "first" to make the switch. It won't happen fast enough for me.
  4. Google DNS just made my Ping higher during peak times.

    I want to lower it outside of Peak times, anyone out there?
  5. Try this software to determine your best DNS servers:

  6. I do not wish to try DNS servers, as this would be raising my ping constantly, surely?
    Whereas, my ping only gets high outside peak times.
  7. DNS servers are the "Phone Book" to internet servers. If your ISP has terrible DNS service, this could be causing the problem. The Google test tries each of the DNS servers and determines which is the fastest. If you have the fastest DNS server available, and your ping times are still slow, 99% of the time it is your ISP, and other than switching to a new provider, there isn't much that can be done.
  8. Ok, I will test this program and post back with my results.

  9. Here are my results, i'm guessing I should set it to use OpenDNS, would I use this for the DNS? (
  10. I would also flush your current DNS cache (from a command prompt as administrator - "ipconfig /flushdns").

    Those ping times seem very high. Usually I see on a good connection 25-100mS, and average connection is 100-200mS.

    I just ran it on my local system - OpenDNS was the fastest - 57.02 mS

    OpenDNS is a good service - but I would still be very concerned over those high ping times...something isn't right.
  11. You are right, something is wrong. But unfortunately, I have no idea what it is. D:

    P.s. Tried Open DNS, flushed the ipconfig, pings remained the same. Uber-high. :(
  12. I would call your ISP, and let them know about this. I have used many providers in the past, not since dial-up have I seen numbers that high in ping times....It could be a defective router, or connectivity issues.
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