will buying windows 7 upgrade help me dngrd from win 8


i have two laptops one old with xp pro
and a new one with wind 8
i would like to get rid of win 8 and install win 7 pro (no dwngrd rights)

both os are legit and legal. i have a product key for my old xp.

my question is if i purchase an upgrade package from xp to win 7 pro will i be able to install (clean install) on to my new computer which has a preinstalled windows 8

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  1. The old xp laptop is most likely OEM, if so you can't use that key to upgrade a different machine.
  2. Well first with the new one you will want to make sure the manufacture even has drivers for Windows 7 before you get rid of Windows 8,which is much better than Windows 7 anyway. I have seen alot of post where people have jumped headlong and formatted there hard drive just to find out that Windows 7 would not install on there brand new Windows 8 system.

    First thing would be to go to the manufactures website and verify that they infact have drivers for Windows 7 for your make/model.
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