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Amd Phenom II x4 965 black edition fan won't install!

I'm currently building my first computer. I got all my stuff in the mail today. My processor heatsink fan won't install. I installed the processor after carelyfully reading the instruction and clamped it back down. Then placed the fan over the processor and went to clamp it in place. But there's no way both clamps can be clamped to the motherboard. I made sure the locking bracket is in the open position but it still wont work. What's the best option for a aftermarket fan?

I'm using the ASUS M5A78L-M LX motherboard and amd phenom II 965 x4 black edition processor

The processor now has thermal paste on it from the pre applied thermal paste on the heatsink so i'm guessing i'll have to clean it?
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  1. It may take a little effort, but that HSF clip should be able to be pressed down to lock over the second clip.
    Since it hasn't gone through a lot of thermal cycles (i.e. it's fresh), you may not need to redo the paste as long as the original paste hasn't been completely rubbed off. Only a very thin layer is wanted.
  2. Yes, you'll have to clean the processor and the heatsink with isoprypol alcohol and a lint-free cloth, and reapply thermal paste. And trust me, the stock cooler will fit, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to put it on. That was my experience.
  3. you took the plastic cover off the bottom of the heatsink?
  4. Yes, There's a small amount of thermal paste that came off the heatsink onto the processor.
    swifty_morgan said:
    you took the plastic cover off the bottom of the heatsink?
  5. no, there's a plastic cover that protects the thermal paste and the bottom of the heatsink during shipping. you did remove that before trying to install?
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    Some AMD boards are harder than others to get the heat sync to clamp to the retention bracket. I don't know why that is, but it has happened to me too. What I do when I run into one of those, is loosen the screws holding the retention bracket to the board a bit. Then after finally getting the heat sync lever to swing around and latch, re-tighten the screws holding the retention bracket to the board. But as mentioned above, don't forget to take the protective plastic cover off the bottom of the heat sync first. ;-)
  7. Since he got some paste on the CPU, I'm thinking the plastic isn't the problem.
  8. gotta make sure the "loops" on ther hold down bracket are properly placed over the hooks. first put the one in opposite the lever and then push down on the "lever" side metal loop with a flat screw driver if you have to to make it fit over the hold down tab. don't slip and shove the screw driver through the motherboard..... lol
  9. Install the non latch side to to the retainer bracket first. Then push down lightly on the heatsink assembly and the latch side to get it to hook over the other side of the retention bracket. continue pushing down on the heatsink as you push the latch over to lock it. It should go on fairly smooth unless the cooler latch system or retention bracket is faulty.
  10. well, after you put the heat sink on top of the processor, you should have "jiggled" the hold down bar. if it actually does "jiggle" it should work. amd hold downs have a tendency to "lock stiff" and need to be freed before attempting "loch down"
  11. Skates, I just finished building a system with the 965, and ran into the same issue with the heat sink. My board is the Asus M5a970 r2.0. No way the backet was going to fit. I tried the loosen the screw method, and that got the brackets on. I then tightened the screws and the heat sink and cpu were tight even before setting the locking arm. I then tried to lock the arm, I thought I was going to break the arm or damage the CPU.
    Believe me that heat sink will not go on.
    My solution, go with an a/m cooler, it's a better choice anyways.
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