Capture card limits Monitor to 1440x900 resolution

I have a Avermedia Liver Gamer HD C985 capture card with a Radeon HD 5850 and a 27.5" Hanns G HZ281 monitor.

With just the GFX card, my monitor is capable of 1920x1200 resolution but with the Live Gamer installed and plugged in and connected to GFX card/Monitor, I only can set my desktop and in-game resolutions to 1440x900.

Would any one know the cause for this and how I could get my resolution back up to at least 1920x1080?

Thanks for your input.
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  1. says it doesnt support 1920 x 1200 monitors?

    try lowering your monitor resolution to 1920 x 1080
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    Easy, your monitor according to the specs is "1920 x 1200 pixels" not the 1920x1080 you think it is, it just runs at that resolution. (taken from here)

    Combine that with these key factor from the avermedia site.

    " The Live Gamer HD does not work with 1920*1200 monitors." Taken from here,

    Therfore, your capture card does not support your monitors resolution and drops down to the next lowest compatible available resolution. Record in that resolution or get a monitor or a capture card that supports your monitor.
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