Cannot update Bios through Bios

not sure how to classify this issue in the first drop down box but it has to do with bios

I have a dell optiplex 980 that hangs up when it restarts and won't fully restart. The bios is way out of date which leads me to believe once its updated it SHOULD theoretically fix the problem but whenever i run the bios update, the computer tries to restart - thus the problem so i am unable to update the bios.

does anyone know how to update the bios while in bios??

any suggestions?
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  1. Have you tried replacing the CMOS battery? While it is out you could try resetting the BIOS to default.
  2. Hi

    DO you mean PC start up hangs and does not get to Windows startup ?
    or Windows startup Hangs (where)?
    What is the error message if any ?

    Have you changed anything recently eg different version of Windows or processor/CPU/Graphics card/drivers/Virus?

    BIOS update is unlikely to fix anything if no changes were made
    BIOS update is unlikely to work if PC can not start up

    Recent Dell BIOS updaters start from within Windows, shut down the PC and apply the update
    (not clear if before or after reboot)

    It was easier when PC's had floppy disks and BIOS update ran from a MS DOS bootable floppy disk


    Mike Barnes
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