Case with 300mm card room.

Hey guys, my case I have now (the nzxt gamma) is too small and I a new one. I am RMAing it back and I need help finding a new one! I live in Canada so remember that you need to be on Canadian websites and my case needs to have a bottom mounted power supply and at least one front usb 3.0. Side window would be nice and it needs to have at least 2 120mm fans although more would be better. The tricky part is that it can not be over 100$ before shipping and taxes, and shipping cant be too crazy!

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  1. Antec P280 • Maximum video card size: 13” / 330 mm in specs sheet also in white !!

    PS: i've got mine in rebate at 80$, that's why i suggest that...
  2. none of these cases are marked as supporting 300mm GPU (in fact i doubt they can as they're MAX mobo sized of 10X12 inch and 11X12 inch for the rosewill one...)

    PS:11 inch is around 280mm

    HAF912 can fit long card if you remove the top HDD cage
  3. Except for the rosewill one, the other ones say up to 12 and 16 inchs each. would they work (That infos in the details section)
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