VRM Temp Detection-GTX 560ti 448

EVGA ultra classified GTX 560 ti 448 cores- Is is possible to track the temperature of the voltage regulators on these cards? Is so what program? It is kind of an oddball card, and there is not much info available on the internet.
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  1. It was limited edition kind of card using GF110 chip that didn't make it into 580/570. About vrm you're asking about so far i havent seen any vendor using parts with temperature sensor on it.
  2. That's no good haha, I was reading up on VRM's overheating online and it made me paranoid I was frying the poor things. I guess I could try checking them manually.
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    Yup in fact the vrm might be the hottest component on a gpu much more than the gpu core itself. If you're not overvolting the card then no need to worry.
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