Dedicated Graphics Memory-64 MB enough?

I just received a warranty replacement alienware laptop under warranty. It has total available graphics memory of 1696 MB with dedicated graphics memory of 64 mb. My much less powerful laptop has 128 MB dedicated graphics memory. The system the alienware is replacing had 3 GB memory.
What uses dedicated graphics memory?
Will it matter in video editing? This is an important part of my work.
Or when running multiple monitors and applications when conducting webinars?
Or does it only matter for gaming?
I use adobe premier, captivate, camtasia, and the full Microsoft Office suite. The rest of the specs match or exceed my previous system, but this one has me concerned.
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  1. Yeah its pretty much more important for gaming and software that renders things in 3d. For anything else the shred memory should be sufficient for your needs.
  2. You should be fine. Verify you have the latest driver for your graphics card.

    Use GPU-Z here, it is a very light program:

    You can use this to verify your graphics situation as this program details the RAM, speed and everything else you would want to know about your graphic chips. You can select the Intel HD graphics which may be part of the confusion and you can select your systems installed card.
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