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bad first post by me. i'll try again. if i could build a cpu cooler that would keep an
i7 3970x that is maxed out under 65C with no tubes / pumps / radiators, and it looked as cool as the machine it was going into, would there be a market if reasonably priced?
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  1. so you want an air cooler?

    And you say best in the title, then reasonably priced in the post. Which one?

    try this
  2. There's tons of em out there ...... at the top end, these are my choices

    1. Phanteks PH-TC14PE
    2. Thermalright Silver Arrow
    3. Noctua DH-14
  3. I think he is planning on designing a new cooler.

    Anyways back to the question, I think it would be difficult to get into the market unless the performance was great and looked great as well. Like Jack said, there are several companies right now with coolers that have been tested to perform outstanding and there is also the cheap CM EVO. So to answer the question, if you could create a cooler that performed better than the Phanteks, Noctua, Thermalright,... and was cheaper than the CM Evo, then I would buy one. :wahoo:
  4. I think breaking into this market would be hard. I generally use a cooler that I have a knowledge of being proven for the environment. I dont believe that I have ever used a cooler that I didnt know someone who used it or had a good review with a site that I knew and trusted.
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