Help! I just tried putting in 2x4gbs of ram and now I can't post!

This is my first build but I didn't have the money at the time to get the last eight gigs. Once I put the ram in though, the dram memok light came on.
The computer prior to this was running fine.

Gtx 560
Amd fx 8120
2x4gb of g skill ripjaw (trying to add more)
Asus m5a99fx r2.0
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  1. So do you have 2x4gb now and are trying to add another set of 2x4gb?
  2. Are they the exact same set of RAM? Speed, timings, voltage?
  3. Speed yes, voltage yes but the timing on the corsair vengeance (the one I am tying to add is 9-10-9-27 where as the other is 9-10-9-28.
    I'm not totally sure what you looking for but I think that's it.
  4. Go into your BIOS and adjust the settings so that they match and run at the slower of the two speeds. Motherboards can sometimes be picky too though, so I hope that works for ya.
  5. K I'll try that man, I just want to get back to Skyrim. ^_^
  6. Adding 8gb more RAM won't make any difference in performance at all unless you are doing some heavy video encoding. If this is a gaming PC 8gb is more than enough.
  7. I know that, most games will never use more than 6gb but I want to dual channel just because.
  8. 2x4gb RAM is already dual channel. It is 2 sticks. 8gb total. Skyrim only uses a MAX of 2gb.
  9. Hmm my computer won't display with the other ram sticks in, but I have no lights on. Any ideas?
  10. Hey dude, it's k. Just help me answer my problems and be a bro?
  11. Hey dude, it's k. Just help me answer my problems and be a bro?
  12. I am running 2x2gb and 1x4gb setup. 3 sticks total. Each was a different speed/timings. It took me forever but I finally got it figured out. You need to set the speed to the slowest timings of any of the sticks (higher numbers). You may need to lower the speed. I had to either set mine at 9-9-9-24 at 1333mhz or 11-11-11-29 at 1600mhz for it to be stable. I chose the first of the two.
  13. The ram vendor may have changed the ic chips on the ram. With the working ram installed check the rev of your mb bios. If it old it may not have the updated ram code for the new ram. If flashing the bios won't help call the ram vendor and ask for a set that matches the old ram.
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