cpu e2220 bottlenecking my gpu

Is my 2.4ghz e2220 bottlenecking my msi 6670 gddr5? The gpu is a decent low end card that should make the games very playable. I play counter strike source and i always get drops from a good 65 fps to a measly 30 fps. Very frustrating!!!! Please tell me. Also is upgrading to e6850 will stop the drops of fps and is it a worthy upgrade.
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    Yes, you will see a difference, Pentium Dual-cores (E2140, E2xxx etc) are so old and slow (having worked with many) but there's really no point in upgrading that system anymore. Get a new motherboard and a processor such as the A6 APU/Pentium. The APUs have Crossfire support, which means you can use the integrated graphics in the APU and the dedicated graphics card (6670 is compatible) to imporve graphics performance.
    Also how much memory do you have?
  2. 4gig ddr2. I just won an auction on ebay for e6850 for 24 bucks. Im not looking to bluid a whole new pc. Just a minor upgrade. Thanks for the quick reply and advice.
  3. You can also overclock that processor.
  4. I dont think i can. The pc is prebuilt from hp.
  5. I would've at least gotten a Core 2 Quad if I was going to be sticking with socket 775.
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