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tell me about the world best computer brand
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  1. for me, it is assembling your own, picking your parts
  2. I think best computer brand is Apple. In comparison, Apple give more features than other computer brands.
  3. i think hp or dell is best brand of the world
  4. Lenovo. I would choose Apple, but their products are far too overpriced.
  5. It doesn't exist the best brand. It will be the most suitable one for your need.
  6. All computer brands are basically the same, it all depends on what features you want. Truly, the "best brand" is you or one of your friends
  7. Cons29 said:
    for me, it is assembling your own, picking your parts


    With that said, picking out your own parts are generally better, PC brands tend to get a little cheap here and there but basically any PC brand out there are pretty much the same, if you had some experience with computers enough to know what hardware features you are lacking like CPU power, RAM video cards, ect.. you'll want to research what's the best prebuilt PC's have to offer.

    I prefer building my own though because i know i have good quality parts when i got it built.
  8. you're right, Aleeex! The best laptop brand is undecidable
  9. Best computer brands is an Apple.
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