I5 3570k 4.2ghz OC Temps

Hey guys, I currently have my 3570k OCed to 4.2ghz and it idles nice and cool but under load the temps seem a bit high. Here is a screen shot http://imageshack.us/a/img5/9436/testtxhg.jpg
I have a Z77 asrock Extreme 4 motherboard, CM Evo Hyper 212, used AS5 thermal paste, and have an Antec 902 with the 4 supplied fans and an additional in the hard drive cage space. Please let me know if my temps look normal or high. Thanks
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  1. for how long did you run prime95? also, those temps. will be lower while gaming, since no game use 100% of all cores on the CPU and remember, Ivy Bridge tend to be a little warmer then Sandy Bridge
  2. This time I only ran Prime95 for a little over 10 mins just to get the screen shot, but I have run it for over and hour and a half and the temps were about the same maybe slightly higher. When playing BF3 or SC2 it never has gone over 60, temps usually stay around mid 50s. I am just curious if these temps are normal for my setup.
  3. then, those temps are fine - i have a i7-2600k OCed to 4.3Ghz and a Corsair h100 watercooler and i get around 50-60 degrees while gaming, then your's are good
  4. Ivy Bridge throttles at 105 C. If you want to play conservative and be safe, I'd advise keeping it under 95 C
  5. Ok thanks, I noticed that my temps were always pretty good while gaming but I just didn't get why they were getting as high as they were while running prime95. I read about a lot of other people with similar setups who were getting temps in the 60s running prime95. Glad to know that my temps seem normal.
  6. Just wanted to do a little update. Although I knew my temps were safe I couldn't help but think that I should still be seeing cooler temps with my setup. I decided to remount to the cooler, but this time I used the supplied CM thermal paste. These are now my results after running prime95 for about a half hour http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/5739/test2vm.jpg
    These are the kinds of temps that I was hoping for originally. The AS5 paste I used originally was a little over 2 years old so maybe it separated a little. Whatever the case, I am very pleased with the new results.
  7. These are excellent temps:)
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