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Hi all. i Have a HP Pavilion6 windows. Yesterday when I started up my computer it said it was installing 4 updates. After updating finished my computer restarted itself and all seemed to be in order. Until I tried to open up my folders my computer froze then a blue screen appeared with a sad face and the error MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. It then restarted itself and when I tried opening up my folders again the blue screen appeared once more only this time the error message said CRITICAL_DATA_DIED. I then shut it down and pressed shift +F8. Now the blue screen has not appeared but I cannot open up any programs. The only thing I can open is my folder but when I try to open up my Libraries i can't and this is the message that appears ("documents.library_Ms" is no longer working. This library can be safely deleted from your computer. Folders that have been included will not be affected.)
Please help me. I am useless at technology but really need o fix this asap.
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  1. Suspect failed update. Try System Restore. Opening your charms menu (Winkey plus 'C') and whilst holding down the shift key, Restart your PC. Choose Troubleshoot. Advanced options, and System Restore. Restore your system to a point before the updates.
  2. Okay I tried what you have suggested and the message I received was that restoration failed because there was an error that occurred in C:/ drive. I tried to do a disk check on that drive but it kept commingle up as failed. Prior to this problem my security program had been picking up errors in my c drive and though it told me that it fixed the errors it seems like that may not be the case lol. The errors included something like a Trojan and something else that I can't quite remember but it didn't sound too good. But I'm not very good at technology so I really didn't understand what effect it could have on my computer if anything.
  3. My computer is also quite new and I hardly ever use it so I'm a little confused as to why its doing what its doing now
  4. Probably failed HDD. Might be diagnostic in your BIOS to check it. Usually hit 'Del' on power on to access BIOS/Setup. Post your HP model number. You may need to download and run software on a bootable disk to check HDD.
  5. My HP model number is g6_2235TX. Have been trying to get my computer going but now it just freezes after start up and sometimes won't even shut down.
  6. Your Hard drive or RAM modules favourite culprits, as you have 4Gb RAM you probably have 2 x 2Gb sticks, so it would be easy enough to remove one at a time to see if your PC will run. On the underside of the laptop is a small cover usually held in place with 2 screws. Under that you will find two memory cards held in place by two spring loaded metal strips along the edges of the cards. Ease the strips outwards to release the top card, it will spring up at an angle of about 30 degrees at which point you will be able to remove it from it's slot. Flip your laptop and try booting again. Repeat with the other stick by exchanging with the 1st if it continues to fail. Also try the sticks in different slots. Recommend you 'earth' yourself by touching a sink tap before handling modules, esp. if you have a nylon carpet... room with wood/tile floor best...
    If this does not solve the problem consider checking out HDD next. If you feel uncomfortable with DIY best return to shop....
  7. Turns out my hard drive needed replacing. Thank you so Much for your help :)
  8. You're welcome. Feel free to post what you did to arrive at your conclusion!
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