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Is it possible to install win7 (the same version I have installed on my main hard drive) on a new hard drive and use it as a different system?
What I want is a system for browsing the internet and games and one completely independent, and not connected to the first one in any way, for work with no use of internet.
My goal is to have 0% chance of an infection on my 'work' system. From what I have read so far there is no way to achive this by using antiviruses and anti-malware programs. And if I have both hds connected then an infection can spread from one to the other. Also i read that viruses and other malware can attach on the BIOS.
Main question is if I never have both drives connected at the same time and I change them depending on what i want to do (internet or work), is there a possibility that some malware will find a way to corrupt the second driver through the BIOS?
Also, is it ok with Microsofts policy if I install the same version of windows on both drives?
Also, I read about dual boot and other staff that have to be done if 2 drives with 2 os are connected at the same time. In my case is there anything else I have to do except connect the new hard drive and install the windows?
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  1. yeah, if the hdd is clean, and no internet, no other media used like flash drives (or at least they are clean) then yes you should be fine.
    and as for the license, well you have to have 2 of them.

    sorry but i have to read again regarding your other questions :)
  2. Windows marries itself to the motherboard. Which means you may put your legally owned copy of Windows on as many hard drives on the same motherboard as you wish. Or, alternately, you may clone the drive - same thing. What you can not do is to put one copy of OEM Windows on two different motherboards.
    If you wish to make a back-up HD and leave it installed but unplugged from the power and data cables, that is fine. Just plug it in and boot it occasionally to keep updates and cookies fresh.
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    You could also try setting up the 'second' OS in a virtual machine using various programs like, VirtualPC, VirtualBox, Hyper-V.

    You would be able to run this 'second' OS in another window on your system. It is completely isolated from the first OS, so no worry about viruses and malware infecting the first system.

    This is commonly used to access programs that won't work in newer operating systems.

    I use a virtual machine with Windows XP Pro to play older games on.
  4. You can install the virtual machine program on the second HDD and run it from there.
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