Why won't WiFi printer print from WiFi computer but will from LAN computer?

I have two computers - a desktop (Windows 8) and a laptop (Windows 7). Both work fine on LAN or wireless connection to my router for browsing, email etc. I recently bought an Epson WiFi printer which will only print if the computer making the print request is LAN connected even though the printer is WiFi.

I cannot ping the printer using WiFi but can ping it from both computers when they are LAN connected.

I can't see how it is security software (ESET on desktop and AVG on laptop) because both can print when LAN connected. I can't see it's encryption problems because both computers work fine WiFi connected to the web etc. and the printer does print via its WiFi connection if a requesting computer is LAN connected. My router sees the printer and is obviously happy to send it print jobs from a LAN computer.

Where is the problem? It's very frustrating!

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  1. Some routers have a setting which isolates devices connected via WiFi from each other - if on it would cause this.
  2. I had this problem. Try your drivers (was one of the problems for me), also make sure the port the printer is using is open at both ends.

    Also make sure the printer is "online" and is the deafult. i know its simple things but thats was got me in the past.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Someone Somewhere

    Thanks for your advice - I have spoken with PlusNet who provide my broadband and my router. They tell me that there is nothing in their system that isolates WiFi devices. Is there any test I can do to confirm this is true?


    Thanks for your advice - the printer is set as default but this would not prevent a successful ping from a WiFi computer to the printer. I am presuming that the print drivers are OK because the printer works OK when a computer is LAN connected - are you suggesting the print driver has a WiFi and LAN based element? How do I test if the printer port is open at both ends - again, are you suggesting WiFi and LAN based print requests use different printer ports??

  4. What Someone Somewhere was referring to is called AP Isolation, and it's a wifi AP (router) setting, usually OFF by default. Many public wifi systems turn this feature ON for security reasons, to prevent customers from being able to see/access other wifi users. But of course, within the confines of your own home/office this is generally useless, and again, why it’s usually OFF by default.

    So it sure *sounds* like AP Isolation, but it would also be unusual to find it enabled unless someone specifically went to the trouble to enable it (perhaps thinking it served some other purpose). If it was enabled, it wouldn’t only affect wireless printing by wireless users, but EVERYTHING between wireless users, whether it was file sharing, streaming, even trying to ping wireless devices. OTOH, wired devices would remain unaffected (i.e., any wired device would remain accessible by any wireless user).
  5. eibgrad

    thanks for the clarification - well, I can ping my desktop when it is connected by WiFi from the laptop when it is connected by WiFi and vice versa, so it looks like AP isolation is not the problem.


  6. aaahhh I got the same exact problem lik you do, Koiboi!!! but what eibgrad told you solve my problem.... just go into your router config setting=> wireless setting=> uncheck enable wireless isolation..... now i can print through my wifi connection ... (Y)
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