Is it possible to define only one port to start a PC on Wake On Lan?


I've tried to setup an Wake On Lan. It actually works but my computer starts on any port. When I wake up the pc by Mac-Adress it works with all ports.

1. Question: Is that normal?

2.Is it possible to define only one port (in a LAN-Network) on which an WakeOnLan command should work?

Thank you for your help
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  1. That is somewhat strange it implies both ports are using the same mac address. Unfortunately this is going to be bios related which means you are going to have to dig to see what you can change. I would think you should be able to assign different mac address to the interfaces generally this is default on many machines. I know there are times you want them the same and times you want them different...mostly related to port bonding.

    Now if the mac addresses are different and you send the wakeup to wrong port but it still recognized the address of the other port I don't know what you do. The whole key to WoL is the mac address is used to identify what you want to wake up.
  2. The reason WOL starts on any port is because the port assignment is generally irrelevant. WOL works at the ethernet level, and thus why you need a MAC address. The only reason a port (and ip address) is necessary is if the request needs to be routed. And since only TCP/IP can be routed (not ethernet), if the computer is located on another network, you must send the UDP packet w/ the WOL request (aka, magic packet) to an ip address + port. But once routed, the magic packet becomes an ethernet message again and gets processed at that level, before TCP/IP (so the ip/port are effectively ignored). In fact, the TCP/IP stack isn’t even loaded, so it could handle it even if it wanted to!
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