How to Wireless Network Share for the 21st Centuary Home?!

Dear All,

I'm new here... Have some very basic questions that I know will not be answered in the forums (I've been looking!).

I currently have the following hard connected to the internet:

Sagem (Sky) Broadband Modem Router (in the lounge)

Sky Box

Pioneer VSX2020K Amplifier Receiver

Pioneer BDP430 Blu Ray Player

XBox 360

Old Computer that I use just as a server with multiple external drives for storage.

I have multiple iphones, ipads, laptops, ipods connected wirelessly to the network.


The Broad Band Wifi only covers the lounge and will not penetrate through the wall in to the rest of the house or upstairs. I have tried other wifi boxes to no avail.

The Computer is old and I want to replace this and all the drives (largest one is just 360Gb!) with new equipment that auto backs up for me.


I would like to be able to access photos, music etc from a shared storage using any of my devices.

I would like to be able to display photos & music etc. through multiple TVs

I am interested in Spotify & Netflix and may get these in the near future if I had a good set up to take advantage of them.

Wifi solutions:

I have done my research on networking and understand the best way to do it is to hardwire a solution. The main house (the lounge is a rear extension) will be renovated and extended over the next couple of years and so I will move the main telephone line so that I can have a router in that part of the house. For now I intend to purchase something like this powerline networking solution:

I will then purchase a wireless router as an access point.

Wireless for the house is something I think I have a solution to but would be interested in our thoughts!

Where you can help:

My problem is that I don't fully understand the intricacies of remote accessing data!

The options from the WD site seem to be the following:

My book live 2TB £125

A WD My Net N900 Central HD Dual-Band Wireless Storage Router - 2 TB £150

Or the due 4TB for Raid back up plus a wireless router (this seems an expensive option?) Total around £400

I then need something for the TV - such as the WD Live TV Hub (1 TB storage) £150.

Do I really need to buy such expensive kit to achieve my aims? It seems that each one of these options means I am doubling up on access features?

Can I not buy a simply buy a couple of 2TB external hard drives, one for data, one for back up and then a device that enables access to the data such as the WD live TV hub or a wireless router?

Advice will be gratefully received!
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  1. Powerline + home server for dnla media streaming and data storage or even a NAS.
  2. Can you expand on that please?
  3. das_stig said:
    Powerline + home server for dnla media streaming and data storage or even a NAS.

    most of my devices are apple which is DAAP not dnla and yet my reciever and laptop dont support DAAP...

    So anyway to get both working by just using a NAS drive?

    I also feel like I'm being a little thick perhaps?!

    The WD Mybook live is a NAS drive, supports dnla and comes with Apps for ipads etc so that you can access data...

    But does it allow me to stream to my TV, use spotify etc?
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