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I have an ASUS modeboard, model M5A 78L-M USB3. I want to know how can I activate the turbo key.
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    you have to install the two pieces of software from the support disc that came with the mobo, then just launch it.

    if you don't have the disc, go click the download tab, select your os and download the software
  2. But do we have to push a physical key ? or just running the software ? my asus is M4N68T-M, I can not find that buttom , maybe it did not get it..
  3. It's the power button. The ASUS Support CD that enables the Turbo function to convert the "Power Button" to "Turbo Key" does not support my version of Windows 10 (64). My MB is a M5A78L-M LX running AMD FX-4300 and a Sweet AMD Radeon 7870 Saffire 2G that a very generous friend just gave me after I helped him put his new build together (I'm mechanically inclined but this software stuff is crazy). Intel i7-5930k he's running at 4.6 GHz... From what the he told me some OC stuff doesn't work with Windows 10. All I could do so far with it was insert a Cruzer Fit I named ReadyBoost right click properties from the appropriate disk drive in This PC and use as ReadyBoost in a HP Laptop I have. Not Overclocking but boosts performance nonetheless. The program told me this new desktop I got was fast enough that ReadyBoost was unlikely to provide additional benefit maybe I'll see what it says with a faster Flash Drive some day.. I'm going to leave Overclocking on [AUTO]. For now it's off to learning a little bit more about my first Desktop PC. Hope that's helpful in some way to someone. EDIT: Found in apps: AMD Catalyst Control Center - Performance - CPU Overdrive set to 4600 ran a passmark at 4.62 GHz [Turbo:4.62 GHz] so its all downhill now. Graphics OverDrive Enabled set at default 1050 MHz high 1250 MHz. It's all downhill now.
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