AMD FX-6120 vs FX-8350

I have a stock FX-6120 and was wondering if an upgrade to a FX-8350 would realize any big gain performance wise. In other words is it worth the while. I have a Sapphire HD 6870 GPU and 14GB RAM installed. My mobo only has one PCI-e slot. I do like to game as much as possible and the question is aimed at improving gaming (if any) with this type of set up.
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  1. no it is not worthwile updgrade.wait for streamroller and get later better cpu

    use this:,3106-5.html

    infact you need better gpu,in gaming gpu all matters more
  2. Vishera (8350 and all x3xx series AMDs) can perform up to 20% faster per core at the same clock rate vs bulldozer. So yes, the 8350 should be a noticeable jump in CPU performance.
  3. I wouldn't do it the performance gain isn't worth the price. Instead I would look to sell my 6870 and try to get a better GPU. A better GPU will give you a much bigger bump.
  4. Wait for steamroller, it will be released in 2013 & its said to be a good improvement over piledriver.
    Invest the money you have to buy the best GPU you can afford. :)
  5. *Double post*
  6. Thanks all of y'all to start with and the overall conclusion is yes the 8350 is better but wait for steamroller rather than bulldozer/piledriver and the HD 6870 is ok but something like an HD 7790 or equivalent is the way to improve overall performance rather than the CPU change and the six core I have at 3.5Ghz is good for now.

    Now the next question while we're here is what would be a good bump in performance GPU wise and easy on the wallet? Any suggestions? Keep me under $250. And I would like to stick with Radeon/Sapphire and as stated I cannot crossfire changing all that is way down the road.
  7. get saphhire hd 7870 ghz edition is best in that range
  8. Hopefully you can still get some decent money for your 6870, and maybe you can reach for a 660ti.
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