Ulead media studio pro 8

how can i use ulead media studio pro 8 in window 7 32 bit?
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  1. Most programs designed for Windows XP will run properly in Windows Vista or Windows 7;
    occasionally, you will find one that will not. If you're unable to get a program to operate
    normally in Windows 7, try running it in Compatibility Mode.
    Perform these steps to setup an application
    for Compatibility Mode:
    Right-click on the program's shortcut or icon on the disk
    click “Properties”.
    Click the “Compatibility” tab.
    Check the box titled “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select from the
    list the version of Windows the program was designed to work with. If you don’t know
    what Windows version, select “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)”; you can always change it,
    if the program does not run with that setting.
    Click “OK.”
    Try running the program again. If you're still unable to use the program, select a different
    mode and click other options on the Compatibility tab – i.e., make one change to
    a setting, try running the program, make another change, etc., until it runs correctly).

    Also, you can run the Program Compatibility
    Wizard within Windows Help.
    Hope that helps you....
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