CRAZY Watercooled Silverstone Precision PS07B Build log

OK folks going to be building this for my son, using available spare parts in my garage and some new parts, it will be a water cooled PC using 3 x 120mm rads i have already and the PS07 case that i already have. Im going to mod the case to include at least one side window and maybe more?

Full list of parts below.

Parts i own..

Silverstone Precision PS07B Case
EK-CoolStream RAD XT (120) radiator, x 3

2500k CPU
ASROCK Z-77 Extreme 4-M Mobo
Corsair Memory Vengeance Black 16GB DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 9 XMP
OCZ Agility 3 2.5" SATA III 240GB SSD
650W Corsair Pro Series Gold HX650 Modular PSU, 80 PLUS Gold

Parts to buy...

MSI GeForce GTX 670 Overclocked NVIDIA Graphics Card - 2GB

XSPC X2O 750 Dual Bayres/Pump (Black) V4
XSPC RayStorm CPU WaterBlock (Intel)
XSPC Razor GTX670 VGA Waterblock
XSPC Razor GTX670 Backplate

Pictures and updates to follow soon.
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  1. Sorry about the wait guys but things are now starting to move slowly, i have the case stripped down, have installed the 3 x 120mm Rads, and marked the front door up, you can see what i will be cutting out and then inserting a dark grey tinted piece of acrylic for a window. Hoping this will give a good effect when looking at the new 120mm TB VEGAS fans

  2. Front door mod done, it gave me know end of problems with the plastic melting instead of cutting with my jigsaw, so didnt get the finish i wanted so ive used edging strip to tidy it up, but im not happy with that so im looking for better quality edging strip.

    However i reckon those blue LEDS will look a treat on the vegas fans behind that smoked acrrylic.

    Heres the fans.

    And heres how the Front door window mod looks, im going to redo the Silverstone badge at the bottom of the door and centralize it with the window mod.
  3. Good build, though why didn't you go with a 240mm radiator on the front instead of 2x120mm? Better surface area and less tubing that needs to be run.
  4. As i said above the 120mm rads is what i already had so wasnt going to buy a 240mm and waist money, so basicaly this build was too use up old parts.
  5. If it's a money saving thing as you already go the parts then go for it. Should be a sweet looking deal.
  6. Looks very interesting, can't wait to see it once you have it all finished up.
  7. Oh yeah i just recieved some more WC goodies, i just love the aesthetics of XSPC components, mmmmmmm.

    What it looks like with the pump res combo installed
  8. Yeah XSPC's pump + res combo is amazing, performs much better then any other combo and only slightly worse then a separate specialized setup. It's what I use in my FX 8350 + 2x580 Hydro rig.
  9. OK some more pictures coming now, ive had some more bits as i managed to get a GTX670 and a Corsair AX760 PSU off Amazon for a bargain price, saved about £100 in total compared to other retailers :)

    So today concentrates mainly on testing and getting the GTX670 Water block and back plate installed.

    First up pre-testing the GTX670 using linux mint...

    Now some pics with the card stripped and then with the Waterblock and backplate installed...

    OK thats all for now folks more very very soon..
  10. OK huge update as ive done loads of work on it in the last 24 hours.

    First things first is the side panel before and after, i love the allen key bolt heads look....

    Next up is the mobo preperation and the CPU/W/C Block install....

    Next is the mounting of the 240gb SSD, used a paper template too mark and drill the holes, i used mobo standoffs for underneath the SSD to give me a gap too the side to enable easy cable connections.

  11. OK, now i have what ive done to the floor of the PC to hide all those ugly holes, basically i took a piece of acrylic cut it too size and then transferred a WWII desert British 8th Army battle scene painting on to it. This was a large sticker i had made via a company on the internet, im quite liking the result. Also as you can see mobo is now in.

    OK, now i start to do the tubing, again im quite please with the results as ive managed to get quite a clean look using parts i already had in my garage.

  12. Some more pictures of leak testing, i had an issue with a seepage on one of the connectors, so i had to drain and disconnect the offender, upon inspection i found that it did not have a thread rubber seal on it, silly me for not checking on install, anyway i got a seal fitted hooked it all up again. Have been leak test running now for 4 hours with out leaks, i always do 8 hours in total.

  13. Very Nice build and detailed Build log.
    Nice way to recycle your old parts.
    Your Son better remember you on Father's Day.
  14. OK bleed testing done now got it all up and running, going to let it run now to get all the air out.

  15. Heres some stress testing temp results..

    Seems you will need this link and zoom in on photobucket to see.
  16. Lookin pretty cool.
  17. OK and heres the final pictures of one complete Birthday present for my son, now i have too hide it until July 22nd, eek.

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