Master Hyper 212 Plus vs COOLER MASTER Hyper N520

Hello! i need your help dudes, im building a gaming computer and i dont know wich one of this 2 is better for cooling, (keep in mind that im not from the US and this are the 2 best options that i have available to purchase in my country) so, can you help me please to choose the best one? wich one do you think is better?
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  1. Is the Xigmatek Gaia available to you? It cools within 1C of the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO, but is a lot quieter and a lot cheaper (here anyway).
  2. nope, just this 2, :(! i mean there are otherones but they are way worst than the ones i posted, so what do you think bro?
  3. I am currently using the N520 and it is not that great. I can't even get my phenom 1090t over 3.8GHz as temps are holding me back and case air flow is no issue. I highly suggest the Hyper 212 and wish i got it instead of the N520.
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    I would pick the hyper 212. The N520 depends on 92mm fans which will be noisy and not push much air.
    The 212 has a 120mm fan which will be quieter and more effective.
  5. I agree that 92mm fans can be whiny under load. If you're planning to OC, the larger fan will be a lot quieter. If you're NOT planning to OC, the Intel stock cooler is actually very quiet.
  6. yeah, i have been reading and comparing both of this coolers and in general most of the users have the same opinion that the hyper 212 is better, so anyway thank you very much for give me yours!
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