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I have a brand new computer at work and a big part of my job is watching the videos that we make before sending them to the customer. I have these DVD's that were made on a regular home DVD player/burner, the kind of thing that susie homemaker can record her soaps on. For some reason, my brand new hp workstation won't recognize the discs even though they play just fine in a regular DVD player. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Perhaps the menu system thats written to the disc is different - have you tried other computers?
  2. dingo07 said:
    Perhaps the menu system thats written to the disc is different - have you tried other computers?

    Yes I have, I was almost wondering if the lead out for the disc was never written by the DVD burner, but if it was't I don't think it would play on a regular DVD player either.
  3. Has the region code been set on the computer's DVD drive?
  4. no it has not been set
  5. I just Tried it on an older computer that runs XP, the region code is set to Region 1 on that and it recognizes the DVD as a blank CD
  6. try burning it again at a slower speed
  7. what the make and model of that home DVD player/burner?
  8. I think the make is a Toshiba, I am not sure of the model, and its like five hours away right now.
    As far as burning it at a slower speed, it records a live feed from our camera system, I don't really think that it could be done slower.
  9. sounds like you should be contacting the manufacturer of the burner and/or software/hardware system that burns the live feed...
  10. yeah thanks guys, I've been doing some research, the DVD was burned using the RAW file system, so apparently I'm goin to need to get a DVD decrypter in order to read it... seems rather ridiculous that it wont even play it though. Thanks, I appreciate all the help though everyone.
  11. So you just need viewing software? <grin> VLC should do the job and for free.
  12. VLC???
  13. I found a few free programs that do it but I'm hesitant due to my work computer hooked up to a server, those programs are usually loaded with spy/malware
    that's the last thing that I need
  14. VLC has been around for a long time as a trusted program. Enjoy.
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    Just to let everyone know, the solution is quite simple, The guys that made the DVDs never finalized the disks!
  16. that should not make a difference on a pc/server. Well at least i've only come across unfinalized disks not playing in some dvd player, they always play in a pc for me.
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