Good surround sound headset under $100?

Anyways recently built a new rig and I find myself only having time to play games at night. My kilpsch 2.1 audio system might be too much for my neighbors (apartment complex) so I want to get a new headset thats under $100.

Currently been using my on the go headset which is a Beats mixr which is great for music but doesnt suite well for games with surround sound.

Im looking for 7.1 (preferably) and my main uses will be either music or games... maybe sometimes movies but rarely.

It DOESNT have to be a gaming headset w/ mic cuz I dont play much often and when I do i dont really talk to anyone online that I dont know.

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  1. Get a PCI/PCIe soundcard with headphone amp section and something like a JVC RX700 or Superlux HD 668B?
  2. for around $100 your options will be slightly limited, but these of some of the better ~ $100 headphones out there:

    audio-technica ath-m50 (or ad700)
    corsair vengeance
    beyerdynamic mmx 2

    they're all good midrange models for their price.

    best of luck man!
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