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Recently after switching from windows xp to windows 7 all flash videos played from youtube, twitchtv, etc are all blocky and pixelated even when at 720p and higher. Pictures on the internet are slightly blurry as well. It's only a problem on the internet, not when viewing files from my desktop. I thought since this problem started after switching over to windows 7 it had to be related to that so I went back to xp, and even in xp the problem is still persisting.

I've tried many things to fix it like changing video card drivers, screen refresh rates etc and nothing has worked. This is starting to seriously become annoying. anyone have any ideas what the problem may be??

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  1. Please provide a complete listing of the components in your system, a.k.a. your system specs.
  2. windows xp service pack 3
    4 gigs ram
    GTX 460
    amd athlon dual core x2 245
    500 gig hd
    550 watt powersupply
    M4A785T asus motherboard
  3. What make/model of display and what resolution are you using?
  4. nvidia geforce gtx 460 v2, monitor is benq G2412HD, tried every resolution including the native resolution of 1920 x 1080 which im using now, all having the same problem.
  5. What make and model psu are you using? Also how are your system idle and loaded temperatures? Are you overclocking anything?
  6. system idle and loaded temperatures are normal. there is no pixelation in games or anything, just on the internet browser viewing pics/streams/videos. there is no overclocking going on. it's a enermax psu. this problem did not happen until i reformatted my computer for the first time in years.

    have these questions helped you formulate an answer?
  7. Have you updated flash player and java recently?
  8. I use google chrome and it automatically updates
  9. Does this happen in other browsers?
  10. Yes happens in every browser, after doing more testing i was watching a file that is 720p quality in vlc media player and it seemed slightly fuzzy as well, although not nearly as much compared to watching things in browsers
  11. What kind of cable are you using to connect to your display (VGA, DVI, or HDMI)?
  12. can anyone help?
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