Razer Megalodan VS Gamecom 780

I'm thinking of getting a 7.1 headset and right now, these are going for pretty cheap on Amazon and I have a gift card to boot.

Which of these two is better?

Also, if you have some recommendations that aren't over 100 dollars used on Amazon, that would be great, too.
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  1. You're buying a used headset? Well, I'm not sure how much Logitech G35 headsets go for used, but they're about $130 new from Logitech. New, they're only $80 on Amazon it looks like. http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-7-1-Channel-Surround-Sound-Headset/dp/B001O5CCQK
  2. Yeah, there are some pretty good deals on the headphones I mentioned on amazon. I plan on getting one with the "like new" condition, as I have had pretty good luck with those whenever I order them. They are usually in very good condition.
  3. Logitech headsets are terrible. Opt for the Asus Vulcan ANC headset on Amazon. 7.1 is a gimmick btw
  4. Gammyduck said:
    Logitech headsets are terrible

    Gammyduck said:
    7.1 is a gimmick

    Them's fightin' words ;)
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