Resolution setting for TV when using a dual monitor set up

Hi, I am having a bit of trouble with the resolution set up for my Sansui 22" TV that I am using through a Belkin VGA 15-pin cable with my HP 635 Notebook PC for a dual monitor set up (extended). I have it all set up properly for the extended dual monitor set up. But for some reason the resolution on my TV is only 1366 x 768 when I know my TV has a lot better resolution settings then that. For some reason when I try to choose 1440 x 900 or a higher resolution, the TV either doesn't make a change in resolution, or the TV will just black screen as if it's not working. I am using AMD VISION Engine Control Center to have the dual monitor set up with the extended option. My HP 635 Notebook PC is currently running 4GB RAM with an AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics card. Any help with my problem to try and fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Extra information: Under the Screen resolution settings, the monitor is showing up as a Generic Non-PnP Monitor.

There is also some video lag for when I try to watch a YouTube video or a show/movie on Netflix, if there's a possible fix for this, it would also be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Use a better connection than VGA.

    DVI or HDMI
  2. Spaniard United said:
    Use a better connection than VGA.

    DVI or HDMI

    What do DVI cables use as hookups? My laptop only has VGA hook-ups on it. Unless HDMI or DVI are something similar looking on my computer.
  3. You really should have an HDMI port on that laptop.
  4. Spaniard United said:
    You really should have an HDMI port on that laptop.

    I do in fact HDMI hookups after looking around more. How much is a standard HDMI cord? o.O
  5. From a store: ~$20-$30

    From Newegg or similar: ~$6

    $2.99 and free shipping
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