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I recently bought a Samsung SyncMaster SA300 from one of my buddies. It only came with the VGA cord which is a problem because I don't have a VGA on my motherboard. The current graphic card I am using is a Radeon HD 6750. I bought a HDMI to VGA active adapter so that I can plug in the cable to one of my open HDMI ports. However, when I plug in the monitor both screens go black.

Is there a way to run a dual monitor set up with just one a HDMI port open? I've tried lowering the resolution but still no luck.

Here's a link to an adapter I purchased

Thanks for your help
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  1. maybe a hdmi splitter cable where one end is connected to the card the other two ends are connected to the monitors.
  2. The VGA needed to be connected to the DVI-I port via a VGA/DVI-I adapter. And the DVI monitor to the HDMI port.
  3. It will better using VGA-DVI converter than using VGA-HDMI ones.....

    VGA-DVI converter usually bundled with most card, u may can get it for free from friends/family...
  4. I don't have a open DVI port though. The only one I have is being used up by my current monitor
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