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Hello Guys.
I am having a bit of problemchoosing some games to play.
My Pc specs are
CPU-Intel pentium dual core e5700 3Ghz
GPU Intel GMA 3100
RAM 1GB ddr2

So what games can i play on this config.
Guys I wont appreciate answers like minesweeper pinball etc.Seriously I have played games like Max Payne,NFS most wanted,Cricket 07 etc.
Please help me as I want download them soon.
Thank You all.
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  1. Try AoE 2 HD. The integrated graphics on your system honestly wouldn't even allow smooth playability on low settings. Maybe you should consider upgrading?
  2. well... there are a lot of old games worth playing>
    RPG> Baldurs gate series, Icewind dale, Planescape torment, Arcanum...
    FPS> Blood, Unreal...
    Strategy> C&C series, Starcraft...
    Logical> The Incredible Machine!
    and even some online games....

    But, you know, you should at least think about getting the cheapest PCIe graphic card - it will make a massive improvement...
  3. Impossible Creatures!!! (RTS), Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Worms Armaggeddon,
    Not much, I highly recommend even like a $40-50 PCIe card and you will get big improvement.
  5. Someone compiled a small list here.

    I would add
    Deus Ex
    Vietcong: Purple Haze
    Thief: Deadly Shadows
    Left 4 Dead
    I think you can do Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
    possibly Chronicles of Rhidick: Escape from Butchers Bay
  6. Half life, Tf2, counterstrike, -most of those valve games can me made to work for lower spec systems. I would actually suggest you search for games by release year. Anything around 2004-6 you should be able to comfortably play in decent settings and smooth fps.
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