7770 or gt 650?

Hi I have an AMD A8 Processor and 4GB RAM. I only have a 520 nVidia graphics card and want to upgrade.

What is the best out of the AMD Radeon HD 770 and the Nvidia gt 650? Considering I only have about £100 to spare because im a poor student!

Also, is there a significant difference between the 650 and 650 TI?

Thanks, Rory.
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  1. hd 7770 beats gtx 650 easily and ti is way faster

    look this:

  2. So you recommend buying the 650 ti?
  3. yes. which psu you have?
  4. How do I check this? I think it maybe 500 or something like that
  5. Yes I have just checked and it was a 500W PSU
  6. i want which brand it is
  7. you do realise the built in graphics of your amd a8 is probably better than the geforce 520 card you have installed, right? apart from that either the 650, 650ti or 7770 is a real leap ahead from what you have now.
  8. Im also interested in getting the 650 TI (gigabyte one), I did some research into the gigabyte vs the HD 7770 and what you see in the first becnhmark is accurate. so I would go with the evga or gigabyte 650 TI.

    My question is do graphics cards work similar to cpu where the power usage increases in a way exponetially as you use more of the card or is it more a straight line
  9. tenaciousk said:

    The 1gb gtx 650tib came out and is 149 bucks
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