Can I use an Intel Xeon E3 1290 Processor in these motherboards?

Will an Intel Xeon E3 1290 Processor be compatible with these motherboards:

Gigabyte GA-6UASL3
Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H

Will it work with 100% certainty, I need to know if it can be tested successfully, because I'm considering setting up this build.

I've asked Gigabyte and all they've said is they still busy testing it, and it doesn't appear on their Qualified Vendors List for the motherboard's specified.

All help appreciated.

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  1. Since the 1290v2 and 1280 are listed as compatible for the GA-H77M-D3H, I would assume the 1290 will work as well.

    It appears that the GA-6UASL3 is designed for v2 CPUs. is your 1290 a v2?
  2. hidaayat07,

    I was unable to see any exact reference for use of the Xeon E3-1290 in the two Gigabyte motherboards you mention, but it quite possible since the other of the E3-12XX series will work in Gigabyte GA-6UASL3 and it may be that the Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H must be the V2. While this is not conclusive information, and the 1290 may be too new for reliable information, the laws of marketing suggest that any product would list the maximum range of compatible components in advertising.

    Going to Newegg and entering a search in the "motherboards" category for "Xeon E3" yields >

    I didn't see any board on that list with 6GB/s HD controller, but I didn't check all of them.

    If you can identify the features of the motherboard needed- slots, HD control, and etc.. you may find another maker/model that guarantees compatibility. I'm very surprised that Gigabyte won't say anything conclusive!

    Also, is there a reason you specifically want the E3-1290? I mention this as there are distinct advantages to using an E5. Xeon E3's use 2-channel memory and have 16- PCIe 2.0 lanes while the Xeon E5 has a 4-channel memory controller and includes 40- PCIe 3.0 lanes, which gives you more slots for cards. Also, the E5 processors typically have more L3 cache.

    If you are not set on the E3-1290, you might consider an E5-1650, which is 6-core @3.2GHZ, 12MB cache (about $600). The clock speed is not as high as the E3-1290, but the computing power is greater- the E5-1650 is ranked No. 15 on Passmark CPU benchmarks as compared to No. 28 for the E3-1290 or 23 for V2, there are 6-cores, an advantage if you're doing renderings, and the E5 will support more PCIe x 16 slots so you could have dual graphics cards plus something like an enterprise HD or Revodrive and so on. With the E5-1650 you can use a motherboard like this >

    > which is an X79 chip, has SATA 6GB/s, can use quad channel and OC memory as well as ECC, lots of PCIe 3.0 slots, and so on.

    Just a thought.


  3. No it's not V2, it's the Intel Xeon E3 1290 3.6Ghz processor.

    COLGeek said:
    Since the 1290v2 and 1280 are listed as compatible for the GA-H77M-D3H, I would assume the 1290 will work as well.

    It appears that the GA-6UASL3 is designed for v2 CPUs. is your 1290 a v2?
  4. I would be comfortable install the E3-1290 into the Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H motherboard. It supports the E3-1280 which is the same processor family as your desired CPU.
  5. Hello.

    Xeon E3 is typically a socket 1155 processor. This means that any board you chose for the processor must also be socket 1155. @COLGeek as you said, it shouldn't have an issue. I do want to ask though, what is the primary cause for you to consider buying a Xeon in the first place? If this is a gaming build, you might want to go with an i5. If you want to buy a E3- 1290, consider overclocking capability, the i5- 3570K is a cheaper processor with much more OC compatability.
    Follow this link, but purchase on newegg of course.
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