video card issue

I will try to explain the best I can.

I build a new system: AMD FX 4130 Quad core 3.8GHz, ASRock 970 Extreme4,
Corsair CX750M Modular PSU and 8GB RAM.

Now I have an 8800GTS and GTX 275 and when I install either one the monitor wont come on. Its an old Dell E196FP. I use a converter plug to go from VGA to DVI and nothing happns. So I put in a GeForce 210 and it turns on and runs through VGA and DVI.

I am very confused why neither of the others will work. The 210 uses mobo power only..and of course the 8800 and 275 use PSU. But obviously I have enough power. Any suggestions?


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  1. Are you plugging your DVI to VGA adapter into the correct DVI port? The one with the 4 holes around the horz slot is the only one that transmits analog signals.
  2. I have tried it in both.
  3. Just to clarify... you are trying to connect your graphics card to your analog monitor via the card's DVI port and the monitor's 15-pin D-Sub port adapter using a known good VGA cable and the supplied DVI/VGA adapter, correct?
  4. yes...monitor is vga...i use the white connctor to turn it into dvi..the 219 has both vga and dvi and works on both. but when i try either of the other 2 cards it dont. I have no clue why
  5. Have you verified that the modular PCIe power cable from the PSU is firmly plugged into the socket on the PSU? I have had the situation occur where I thought I had a modular connector firmly in the socket, only to find out it wasn't all the way in. It has to 'snap' into its latch to be securely connected.
  6. I thought it was but who knows. I will check later. Got a new monitor I am going to hook up after work. And the hdd actually came with a spare pc a friend sent. And I just used it with the windows on it. So basically installed my mobo drivers over top. Gonna reload it all this weekend. May e that could be the prob?
  7. Normally when the Nvidia graphics driver sees a new or different card in the slot, it will drop to default video settings in Win7 and ask you to reboot so it can load the specs for the new card. But since you couldn't even get a display with either 'new' card, I would say the issue is elsewhere. Since you are not at the machine now, we'll wait until you can try your new monitor. Although, if the old monitor works with the one slot-powered card but not the other two PCIe cable-powered cards, I would begin to consider the PSU or its PCIe power cable.
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