crucial m4 update firmware failed

i am trying to update my ssd firmware from 040h to 070h following this proccess
until step 9 all are ok but when i press "YES" it shows me
"failed to prepare drive *** for update.error code 0"
i never had this problem with windows 7 but now that i have win8 i have this problem:/
Sys specs i7 950 stock speed
6gb ram kingston
x58 sabertooth Asus 6850
any ideas?
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  1. Best answer
    is the ssd the boot drive?

    and read here it might help :

    read the manual boot disc version.
  2. yes it is.. i ll try the CD method..
  3. it seems that it works! thank u guys!
  4. welcome, could you please mark the thread closed/solved.
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