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Hi, my computer can't stay idle... It is idle and all of the sudden cpu usage climbs up to 30% and the vcore along with the cpu multiplier turn into full load and never go back to idle...
C1e and speedstep are enbled, I searched for virus with kaspersky internet security (kis): found nothing.
I opened task manager to see what process was engaged but wierdly, with task manager opened the strange behavior doesn't appear... If i move the mouse, let's say every 30 seconds, the behavior doesn't occur either.
I disabled kis but it didn't change anything.
BUT, I finally found out that if I block network traffic oir if I unplug the ethernet cable, the behavior never appears...
Could anyone help me please, cause I'm really desperate right now.
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  1. Perhaps Windows Search is indexing your drive?
  2. thanks. I have installed ProcessExplorer and try to isolate some process corresponding to my cpu usage peak. I noticed 2 process that would be the cause of my problem:
    -avp.exe which is kaspersky
    -svchost.exe: actually several svchost are running and are using my cpu...
    So I installed malwarebytes anti-malware and did a search: it tells me that "msdo.exe" is dangerous, it is situated in C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia. It appears in several categories: memory process, file and registry value...
    I don't understand why kaspersky doesn't see it as a dangerous program and why it is situated in a macromedia folder...
    So I guess you would recommend to delete it?
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