Is there a USB to SATA adapter?

I need some kind of cable or adapter that lets me connect any USB device (eg. Flash drive, printer, WiFi) through a SATA interface. I checked eBay but all I could find were SATA to USB adapters. I need one that goes the other way if it's possible. If these adapters or cables do exist, where can I find one? Thanks!

I need this adapter because I have an old mini itx motherboard which only has 2 USB 1.1 ports which are not suitable for most of my usb needs, plus they're being used for the mouse and keyboard. I have a PCI card with 4 SATA ports and one is being used for a secondary HDD. That leaves 3 spare SATA ports which I'd like to use for other USB devices if possible because I have no spare/compatible usb 2.0 or higher ports.
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  1. There is no way to plug a USB device into a sata port.
    You could look at a USB2.0 PCI card. They are around 10-20 on
    If you only have 1 pci port you can try to get a Sata - USB2 combo PCI card. 1 card has both usb and sata ports. Those are around 40 on newegg.
  2. If you have a spare pci slot I would go this route, Or use a sata -> usb adaptor for HDD

    They use to make a pci card which had both sata and usb

    Caution when looking are cards do not mix pci-e and pci.
  3. USB hub.
  4. ^ the hub would be limited to 1.1 and the OP wants to move up to at least USB2
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