which gpu should I buy?

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I want to upgrade the GPU of my pc but do not know which to choose. what happens is that I want to buy a GPU be no need to buy another new component to the pc (I have understood that if it is a very powerful GPU, I have to increase the RAM and CPU, as the current is not going to be able to handle and I would not get to that point (correct me if I'm wrong))

PC Specifications:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual 4200 + (2.21 GHz)
OS: Windows XP (64 bit edition) SP2 (i will not change for 7 or "better", but I can change again for XP x86 SP3)
Motherboard: M2N MX SE PLUS
Current GPU: Nvidia 6150SE (comes With The motherboard)
Power supply: Sparkle ATX P4 Power Supply 460W/450W (I know it's one of those, is that the number was a blur)

Recommend a GPU that serves to these specs, that does not cost more than 1000 ARS (currency of my country, can compare prices on this page: is like eBay but Argentina), is new GPU (do not trust items used) and if possible be an NVIDIA GPU, because I was told that the ATI give lots of incompatibility issues.

If you need more information just tell me.

Thanks, I hope your answers.
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  1. It may actually be time to build a new system.
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    get this one,it willl work with your pc

    gt 630 -!/califications

    yes amd gpu have issues with old mobo,it is better to go with pci 2.0 gpu
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