Laptop i7 vs Hybrid ssd

Theres two laptops they are identical apart from 1 had a i7 and the other a hybrid ssd both are 750gb and its the newish momentus xt. £20 more for the i7. I cant have both so which one?
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  1. You can upgrade the HDD more easily than the CPU in the future, so I'd say go for the i7 :-)
  2. What's the other CPU choice? Also you can always upgrade your hard drive down the road.
  3. What do you want to use the laptop for?
  4. Is it a qm i7? The QM nomenclature means the mobile intel processor has 4 cores my i7-3610QM performs just under an i5-2500k not overclocked of course. I got a quad core i7 over a SSD and don't regret it.
  5. Thanks for the answers, it is a QM, the other option was a i5 3230m ill think i will go for a i7 or ask if they can install a hybrid ssd as well
  6. Jack you can install your own SSD no problem and save some cash. I would definitely the quad core i7 over a dual core i5, much more future proof.
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