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Heres the sound outside of my phantom 410 case when i bump up fan speed to 80% . Is it supposed to be this loud or should I consider water cooling it if I want it quieter. I have my fan curve set up so that its at about 75% when its at 60 °C which I do reach sometimes when playing maxed out games and overclocked.
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  1. Doesn't sound too loud, but it might be the video. As long as it's just the fan sound, it should be alright. That card does have 3 fans, and most custom cooled cards have a non reference pcb, so water cooling is likely out of the question.
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    You are going against the card's engineered design. 60c at 75% fan is going to be loud.... and unnecessarily cool. That card was designed to be quiet and operate at a higher temperature with the fan running at no more than 50%. Switch your fan to Auto or use a less aggressive fan profile that allows the GPU to get up closer to 70c or so.
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