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I have an intermediate understanding of computers and components and how everuthing fits and works. I just want to know if, solely in gaming scenarios, cuda cores (nvidia) vs stream processors (amd) makes a difference. And if there is no difference in gaming, then what is the difference? I know in some games and applications nvidia will generally perform better and in others radeon will perform better (referring to cards that are generally in same performance levels) If this is a really noob question feel free to post links (: thanks all in advance!
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  1. Nvidia can do a few additional stuff in some games(Borderlands 2, Mirrors Edge...).

    This is only because Nvidia pays developers to use CUDA for Nvidia-only content, instead of OpenCL for everyone.
  2. So basically outside of physx and openCL theres no differences and purchases should be based on performance, power consumption, oc ability etc?
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    In general both cuda cores and stream processor are the same thing. Those two were the many cores that doing parallel stuff in gpu. (Nvidia also called their cuda cores as stream processor in the past). The difference is both were built on different architecture hence the performance of the two can't be directly compared based on their core count. The easiest example is 7970Ghz edition have 25% more SP than GTX680 but it does not equal to 25% much more faster than GTX680.

    If you're your interest of getting a gpu is to play games only then there is no need to look upon OpenCL or CUDA (not to be confused with cuda cores) stuff.
  4. Haha i already have a 7970 powering 3 1080p screens (which is awesome, while also surprising. Thought i ould have to ceossfire for eyefinity) but i get low frames, especially in farcry 3, dead island and (surprisingly) workd of warcraft. Maybe i should oc the card?
  5. And i mean low frames as in 15-25 fps. Ridiculous given the card im using.
  6. far cry 3 can be demanding even on one screen. try disabling any form of AA when playing the game. for wow i don't think the performance can be that bad even if the game are more friendly towards nvidia cards. that low performance is it on three screen?
  7. That is odd that it would drop that much, but probably because of some technology or effect NVIDIA put into their cards? You could try using one graphics card for each screen as opposed to using one graphics card for all three screens and see if it makes a difference. Write down the frames per second and see which is faster. It may also impact visual graphics even if the card is supposed to be consistent.
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