How do I remove the "Found New Hardware" Wizard?

Working on a Dell Dimension 4550 XP Pro SP3, every time I start this pc I am seeing this wizard and it got there by trying to install the network controller, I tried to move forward with the steps but it does not show an option to disable, how can I get rid of this wizard please?
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    Why not install the network drivers for it instead. That or go to device manager, right click on the unfound device and say disable. Should stop it, but seriously just install the drivers for it.
  2. could try disabling the "plug and play" services.
  3. For some strange reason, the network driver won't install but the internet works so I don't understand that but I disabled the controller in the DM and that did it, thanks.
  4. It's probably the wireless adapter then or the plugged in one, depending on what one you're using.
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