is this pc quick enough for watching movies,playing league of legends on maxed 1280x768,and some far cry 3 very low graphics??

the pc:
amd a6 5400k
4 gigs of hyperx high performace blue kingston memory
500gb hgst
450 psu
micro atx case with two fans 80mm!
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    I think you should be able to play FC 3 on low settings @ 720p just fine . And LoL should play a bit better than FC3 aswell. It's perfect for media. Try it out, If not, you can always get an AMD 7750 gpu and that should do the trick
  2. thanksss!!
    how about bo2 and hitman>?
  3. johnaras4 said:
    how about bo2 and hitman>?

    you can run bo II with a patato so I'm sure that build would to. Go to youtube and wach some video's of that apu in game.
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