Best Graphic card for intel i3 -540 with intel board?

I hav intel i3 540 with intel motherboard. But i can't play latest game like SNIPER GHOST REYCON 2.
I want to play games like this in medium quality.
i have budget around 150 $.
Is NVIDIA GTX650TI 1GB best suits to me?
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  1. Yeah I would go with the GTX 650TI. Your CPU will bottleneck you in some games but it won't be terribly bad. I wouldn't go any stronger than that.

    Also consider what power supply you have. You need at least a 400W supply from a reputable manufacturer for the 650TI.
  2. Thanks for Respond.....i want to know about bottleneck......what it means ?
  3. THANKS aashish
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