Are my temps OK w/ Noctua NH-D14?

Hey guys. I just built my rig this past Saturday, and I think there is something is off about my i5 - 3570K temps. Using a Noctua NH-D14, my idle temps fluctuates around 35 - 37 degrees. Using a Prime95 Stress test for about a half hour, my temps rose to around 59-60 degrees. This isn't normal for a not yet overclocked CPU with this cooler is it?

I also should mention that my case is the Corsair 550D, if that helps at all. Thanks guys.
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  1. That's a little high on idle I would say, usually that would point to poorly operating thermal paste, I would consider reapplying, what method did you use?
  2. Thanks for answering. Yeah, so I used the small pea size dot in the middle of your CPU method to apply the thermal paste. I also reseated the heatsink about three times over the past week (while cleaning and reapplying the thermal paste) and I have been getting similar temperatures. One thing that I noticed was that some of the paste had spread into the cpu socket crevices on the motherboard. I was able to get to most of it with a q-tip and alcohol but a very small amount did remain that I couldn't get to without lifting the metal CPU socket plate. I assumed it wouldn't affect things to much. Was I wrong?
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