Windows 8 and router issues

I am having issues connecting to secure sites, i.e. Banks and Shopping carts. I don't have an issue when I directly connect to modem. My router is a Dlink Dir-655 with latest firmware. I am seeing issues with other routers and Win8 as well, is there a better router out there?
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    I am using TP-link and got no issues with my windows 8.
  2. Hey Justin, thanks for the reply. I have already gone and purchased an ASUS RT-N66U from NE. It should be here on Wednesday, hopefully it takes care of issue. How did you decide on TP-Link, not a router manufacturer that I am familiar with? Yet I see many models on the NE site.
  3. I had a cousin who knows how to install and troubleshoot issues with router, and he is also the one who gave the TP-Link router to me. I am glad your problem has already been solved. Good luck!
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